08 June 2011

Have You Hugged Your Husband Today?

Me absolutely.... Hari-hari pun kalau boleh nak express love. Since pregnant, almost every night husband tlg urut belakang bdn yg slalu sakit2 ni... even husband baru sampai rumah dari ofis, he never says no when i am requesting for massage... (mengada-ngada kan?hehe) Malam pun sometimes kaki cramp, dgn mata pejam pun boleh bangun picitkan atau betulkan urat kaki saya yg bersimpul hehehe... I may complain 'bout him all the time (pot pet sana pot pet sini), but I always tell him everyday thank you and that I love him. He puts a roof over our head, feeds us (me & our baby), clothes us, pays the bills, etc. He is very hardworking and I make sure he knows he is appreciated. I am also lucky to hav a wonderful and supportive husband. Time kasih, sayang.... On this our coming 2nd marriage anniversary, this poems is specially dedicated for you.... =)

My Loving Husband,
Our love is true,
I'm glad I married you....
I said a prayer for you today,
I just took a moment to say,
With heartfelt thankfulness,
How much I know I am blessed
With the love so deep and true
That I receive from you....
It may not always show,
But sayang, I always know
That God gave you to me....

Thank you, sayang....
For everything you have ever done,
To make my life better,
You care and share and are always there,
Whenever I am in need.
I just want you to remember
What a wonderful husband you are to me....

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