07 May 2011

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Little A on 25 weeks pregnant

I am now 30 weeks pregnancy. Alhamdulillah... i'm so happy...my baby kicking and kicking happily inside me... I love to share with all readers & followers, on 22nd week of my pregnancy, I would try and try to get my husband to feel our baby (Little A) kicks and punches I was feeling but every time he would put his hand on my belly the baby would stop. Like someone else said, there is always more activity and kicking from baby at night. So when we go to bed and I feel the movement, I lie on my back and my husband puts his ear/head on my belly where I can feel the kicking. He can hear the baby moving as well as feel the movement.

Finally at week 25 he felt a big one...! (agaknye my hubby kene slap dgn baby hehehe...)
We have a special game, if my hubby puts his hand on the left side of my belly, Little A will kick on da left side. If change and puts his hand on the right side of my belly (my hubby akn ckp, "cpt2 tangkap tgn abi..."), Little A will punch the right side hihi...I dont know how our baby knows, but masyaAllah it's just amazing...

Sometimes when the baby kicks and no one else knows, it feels like a little secret between Little A and me. I can feel the movements & imagine that Little A maybe angguk2 / geleng2 when heard the babling from mommy hehe... (Hari2 pun membebel mcm2 sambil usap2 perut). And sometimes, when I sing zikir or juz humming, Little A will stop kicking & i think of my baby's smile while drinking amniotic fluid. Still, I can't wait to have this little one in my arms and kiss that sweet face.....

There's a lot to do before giving birth. I do get started with baby stuffs online survey since my preg month four. But there are still got lots more things not settled yet, but insyaAllah within the next month we will buy them slowly, and start to set up the room. Ish tak sabarnye....

Here are lists of baby things given by mama (opah baby lerrr...)

Barang-barang Untuk Anak Ibu....

1. Baju - long sleeve - short sleeve
2. Seluar – panjang - pendek
3. Barut (saya beli online je)
4. Napkin utk bedung (min. 6 helai)
5. Mitten n booties (at least 5 sets)
6. Tuala kecik utk lap mulut
7. Baby lotion
8. Baby oil
9. Minyak telon (atau minyak panas lain utk elak kembung)
10. Sikat bulu lembut
11. Baby wipes
12. Bedak baby
13. Bekas bedak baby (bulat yg ada skali span bedak)
14. Baby bath / baby shampoo
15. Steamer
16. Bottle drying stand
17. Bottle – small - medium
18. Extra puting susu
19. Teat brush
20. Termos
21. Bekas air masak
22. Pampers (newborn)
23. Baby bathtub
24. Baby bath towel
25. Selimut
26. Bags and warmer
27. Cotsheet (alas lps mandi)
28. Tilam / bantal kepala / bantal peluk / selimut
29. Bakul besar utk letak brg2 baby (e.g. botol susu, susu, pampers, termos, etc.)
30. Bakul kecik utk brg lps mandi (e.q. lotion, bedak, vicks, etc.)

*** List barang2 yg tak semestinya kena beli.. b'gantung kpd bajet dan keperluan...

1. Bakul rotan utk isi baby / baby carrier cot
2. Play pen
3. Stroller
4. Travelling cot
5. Baby car seat
6. Buaian

Barang-barang Untuk Ibu....

1. Set lps bersalin - c/w bengkung
2. Maternity pad
3. Pad biasa xtra long
4. Nursing Bra
5. Breast pad
6. Breast pump
7. Disposible panties for women (jika perlu)

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