20 May 2010

Money Vs. Love

17 Days after minor operation ---> tido, makan, tengok tv, main game, borak dengan mama, makan lagi....TIDO....Hmmmm....Esok dah naik keje smula even now at 1am tp mata ni still tak boleh lelap...At last, come out with idea. I've wrote my 1st time poem...?Really...? Ntahla....Bagi yg expert english tu bolehla tolong betulkan grammar saya mane yg salah ye :)

Love is human nature,
something you can't buy
Money is just paper
this you can't deny.
Love is made with feeling
Money with machine.
Love will make us happy
money makes us mean.
Love completes a hole
Money makes one deeper.
We need love to survive
Money's just a gift.
Money can't buy our hope
But love will keep us close
Money will lose love
So love is what you want
Go out there and find it
Keep it in your heart...

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