18 April 2010

I Wanna Stop Stressing Out About HUGE Prob

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All of us have a story, the diference is the action we take, the attitude we have, and the goals we set. Stress from my office was beating me down...Well...I want to be me...Sometimes I want to be free of the bullshit. Stress can make me sick and i need peace!

I have no natural remedies to reduce my stress, but all below what have i done in order to releasing my stress and i wanna share with all of you....

A. Make my faver hangout spots at home:

  • Add some furniture - at my balcony & my own bedroom.
  • Create the mood - with scented candles & a tall floor lamp for spending some time reading here (still in planning)
  • Make it green - not only do plants release refreshing oxygen, it also beautifies the space.
B. Weekend project:

  • Decorating - my living room - put up artwork or photos....whatever i like with a lil' colour.
  • Ask myself - if it's the job i hate, the people i work with, or the office envi. Do the paper work & find out exactly what it is i am unhappy with (writting down = release my mind = feeling better)
  • Go for a shopping! - every girl needs a lil' chic, am i right?
  • Saloon time..... - it will be more meaningful when i share it with my beloved mum or sister.
C. Don't let a negative talk spoil my day:

  • Redirect conversation - keep the mood positive - compliment my friend...or just zipping my mouth & keep quite instead of being hypocrite...hmmm...
  • Focus - on myself & my own health rather than comparing my life to my friends' or other people.
  • Forget 'bout it - Instead of saying something negative 'bout myself, say something positive 'bout someone else (celebrities, colleagues, partner, my own self hihihi...)


  1. Jom buat family day kat pangkor...leh snorkel puas2 hehehe...